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Travel bidet

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    Compact portable bidet perfect for travel and camping. Stay hygienic when a shower may not be practical or when reaching to clean the tushy is challenging. This travel bidet is easy to squeeze and bounces back into shape.

    This travel bidet is popular for camping trips and is also suitable for travel or use in the home for post-surgery recovery, back injury, post-partum care (peri bottle) and other mobility challenges.

    The long, angled nozzle helps you reach and wash sensitive areas without putting your hand into the toilet bowl or uncomfortably reaching.

    • Light weight and small enough to store in a handbag or bag
    • Angled retractable nozzle that pulls to seal securely in place - will not leak
    • 300mL volume
    • Comes with a travel bag

    Wash and disinfect the travel bidet in water up to 40oC. Warm wash in the dishwasher is possible, but don't use boiling water to clean the travel bidet.

    Caution: For external use only. Do not insert the device.

    Size nozzle retracted 15cm x 6.8cm x 6.8cm
    Size nozzle extended 24cm x 6.8cm x 6.8cm
    Weight 69g

    Size 17cm x 8.5cm x 8.5cm
    Total weight 103g


    300mL travel bidet with nozzle
    Travel bag
    Instructions printed on box

    flexible EVA

    12 months


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    Travel bidets are also known as:

    • camping bidets
    • portable bidets
    • peri bottles
    • perineal bottles
    • portable bidet sprayers

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Frances T.
    Highly recommend

    I have only just learned about the travel bidet and I wish I had known about it long ago. It works very well leaving you feeling clean and fresh. I would highly recommend the travel bidet, not just for travelling but at home too.

    Hi Frances, thank you for your 5-star review of our travel bidet! We are delighted to hear that it has exceeded your expectations and that you find it to be a great addition to your personal hygiene routine. We tuely appreciate your recommendation of our product for both while traveling and at home. For home use we also have a slighly larger and more stylish option in our range :) Thank you again for choosing us.

    Lucy Marsh
    Brilliant for personal hygiene on the go

    Brilliant addition to my camping gear
    It works well with minimum fuss
    It is especially nice if you have access to warm water in the colder month's
    It's so nice to feel clean and comfortable when you don't have access to a shower

    Dear Lucy, Thank you for taking the time to leave a review for our travel bidet. We are delighted to hear that it has been a brilliant addition to your camping gear and that it has worked well for you with minimal fuss. Thank you for choosing our product and we hope it continues to meet your needs. :)

    A good wash

    Works well, retains its shape and doesnt crease like some other bidets. Easy to use and squeeze. Packs away easily. Good value for money.

    Hi Siana, thank you for taking the time to leave a review for our Travel Bidet. We are so glad to hear that it has been working well for you and is easy to use. We are happy to hear that the quality has met your expectations. Thank you for choosing our bidet and for your support!

    Travel bidet FAQs

    What is a travel bidet?

    A travel bidet is a personal hygiene device designed to clean our tushy after using the toilet while travelling to remote areas or camping. Unlike traditional bidets that are fixtures in bathrooms or specifically designed bidet toilet seat, travel bidets are compact, hand-held, and can be carried with you wherever you travel. Travel bidets have a small squeeze bottle, and most conveniently a retractable nozzle. The squeeze bottle is used to create the water pressure needed for cleaning by squeezing the travel bidet with your hand.

    To use a travel bidet, you fill the squeeze bottle with cold or lukewarm water, and then direct the spray of the nozzle towards the areas that need cleansing. Use a pump-like squeeze of the bottle to spray water to the desired area. Travel bidets are not inserted.

    Travel bidets are often considered more hygienic and environmentally friendly than using toilet paper alone, although you will need to use toilet paper or a towel to dry after use.

    Travel bidets can also be useful post-surgery, after childbirth (perineal or peri bottle), or if you have an injury that prevents you from reaching around to wipe. The bidet gives you an extension such that you don't need to reach into the toilet to wipe.

    How do travel bidets work?

    Travel bidets work by spraying a stream of water to clean the tushy after using the toilet. Here's a general overview of how they typically work:

    Squeeze bottle: Travel bidets have a squeeze bottle, which is usually a small plastic container that you fill with cold or lukewarm water before use. Releasing the bottle after squeezing fills the top of the bottle with air and it can then be squeezed again with the same pressure.

    Nozzle or spray mechanism: Travel bidets have an angled nozzle sprays water to the desired areas. Sometimes the nozzle is retractable so that it can be compactly packed into the bidet.

    Pressure control: Depending on the design, travel bidets may have different ways to control water pressure. Some models have a squeeze bottle that you manually squeeze to generate the pressure. Others may have a battery operated pump.

    Usage: To use a travel bidet, you remain seated on the toilet and aim the nozzle or spray at the areas that need cleaning (genital and anal regions). Then spray the water by either squeezing the bottle, pumping the device, or using any other specified method for the particular model.

    Cleaning and maintenance: After use, you can clean the nozzle to maintain hygiene. Some portable bidets are designed to be easily disassembled for cleaning purposes. Some models can be put into the dishwasher.

    Portable design: The key feature of travel bidets is their portability. They are compact and can be easily carried. Some come with a bidet travel kit and retractable nozzle to make it more convenient for travel, camping and other uses outside the home.

    Where to buy travel bidets in Australia

    You can find travel bidets at various retailers, both online and in physical stores.

    Here at The Independence Shop, we sell two types of portable bidets:
    1. The travel bidet (300mL)
    2. The portable bidet (360mL)

    Retailers and online stores that sell travel bidets include:

    Speciality stores:
    Medical stores or baby stores may carry personal bidets that can be used for travel.

    Some pharmacies carry personal hygiene products, including portable bidets.

    Speciality websites:
    Some websites specialise in personal hygiene products and may offer a variety of travel bidets.

    General websites:
    Amazon and eBay are some common places online where you can buy travel bidets. Keep in mind that travel bidets are often not stocked in Australia and can take longer to be delivered.

    Here at The Independence Shop, we sell two types of portable bidets:
    1. The travel bidet (300mL)
    2. The portable bidet (360mL)

    Stores like Bunnings stock water-powered bidet toilet seats and bidet sprayers that attach to taps.