About Us

Hello! Thank you for visiting our little online store! We’re a new, small Australian business.

We’ve searched far and wide to bring you the best, carefully selected useful products, daily living aids and useful gifts to help people stay active and independent. We always try to shop Australian-made and from Australian businesses wherever possible.

about us selfie of Indiana Jones Rosie and Christian

Christian and Rosie are a German-meets-Aussie couple that have spent many years abroad working in the fields of engineering, education, and science.

Whilst life abroad was always an opportunity to grow and see the world, it has not come without a gaping distance between us and loved ones.

One thing that we found disappointing and challenging while away from family was finding gifts that were suitable for individual needs, particularly that of older grandparents, parents, friends and relatives.

We wanted to send gifts that were useful and personal for their individual conditions. We really struggled. Mostly, we would land on daily living aids that looked like they belonged in a hospital or products that needed to be shipped from all over the world (and a lucky dip that was!)

How difficult it can be to find helpful products that look presentable in the home!

Now back Downunder, and loving being home, we’ve opened an online store to cater for just that – a one shop that provides all things useful for people to maintain an active and independent lifestyle.

You may notice as you browse, that our products are not just suitable for age-related conditions. Here you will find products for people with injury, have undergone surgery, have disabilities or are just useful things for everyone around the home. Who hasn’t struggled opening a stubborn jar, been restricted with back or knee issues, or gone through a stage that they needed a seat in the shower?

We hope you enjoy browsing and seeing just how many products can help you or your loved ones.