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Touch lamp

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    Our rechargeable touch lamps are versatile, sleek and contemporary - perfect for lighting outdoor tables at home, restaurants, bars, indoor coffee and dining tables and for use as a dimmable bedside lamp. Just tap the top to turn the LED touch lamp on and off, as well as switch between light intensities. The light emitted produces an inviting and comfortable atmosphere.

    • Adjustable colour temperature (warm, neutral, cool)
    • Dimmable from bright to ambient
    • 38cm tall touch lamp
    • 26 individual LED lights
    • Built-in 2400mAh high-quality rechargeable lithium battery
    • Over 6-hours of use on a full charge at full intensity
    • Acrylic light diffuser plate produces 360o uniform lighting
    • Frosted textured metal with a sturdy base
    • Padded base prevents slipping and scratching
    • USB charging cord included (USB charger required)

    The design of the touch lamps makes them convenient and adaptable to all styles, decor and events. As this is a cordless touch lamp, pop it anywhere you want! Just remember that it is not waterproof, so don't leave it sitting outside in the rain.

    Touch lamp control: tap for on/off and switch between colour temperatures. Long press to control brightness of the light.


    Size H:38cm x W:11cm x D:11cm
    Weight 680g

    Length 1m

    Size 28cm x 13cm x 12cm
    Total weight 815g


    LED touch lamp
    USB charging cable
    User manual

    USB power adapter minimum 5V/1A

    USB-C (input)


    Lithium battery capacity 2400mAH

    Min. 6hours

    Frosted metal

    CE, RoHS, UKCA

    12 months


    30-day returns
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    black touch table lamp with charging cable
    black and white touch table lamp next to each other
    black touch lamp on a marble plate
    detailed view of the table touch lamp
    black touch lamp showing 3 different light colour option and each option low and high brightness
    specifications of the table touch lamp
    USB charging methods of the touch lamp
    white touch table lamp with charging cable
    white touch lamp on a table

    Touch lamps: super versatile around the home!

    Our touch lamps are a popular choice for creating mood lighting in and around the home. Their tall, sleek design makes them suitable for many interior styles, decor themes and events. Being a rechargeable LED light with over 8-hours of operation, these touch lamps can be placed anywhere you need. Popular uses for our touch lamps include:

    • Dimmable bedside lamp
    • Outdoor dining lighting
    • Indoor dining lighting
    • Bar lighting
    • Café lighting
    • Lighting during blackouts
    • Lamps for side tables and coffee tables

    Black touch lamp

    Make a stylish statement with a black touch lamp.

    White touch lamp

    Create subtle mood lighting in and around the home.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Patricia L.
    Touch lamp

    Perfect light for when we dine on our balcony.

    Hi Patricia! Thank you for sharing your positive experience with our touch lamp. We're happy that it has been the perfect addition to your balcony dinners. Enjoy the ambiance and let us know if you need any assistance in the future. :) Happy dining!

    Vicki L.
    Touch lamps x 2 black

    Sleek, tidy, use them a lot more often than I thought I would. Even in a power outage, which I didn't think of until it happened. Left them out in the weather a few times and they have survived.

    Hi Vicky, thank you so much for your detailed review of our touch lamps! We're glad to hear that you are enjoying them and finding them useful, even during power outages. Those lamps are not really designed to be waterproof, so we're very happy and surprised to hear that they have held up well in outdoor conditions. Thank you for choosing our product. :)

    Touch lamp FAQs

    Can I leave the touch lamp plugged in?

    The short answer is 'yes', however, consider the type of adapter you use. Also note, the charging cable plugs into the top of our touch lamps, so it is visible.

    It is the USB charger (adapter) itself that plugs into the power socket that carries overcharging protection. Generally, rechargeable touch lamps and other similar products themselves do not have overcharging protection incorporated. Thus, it is important to have a quality adapter if you want to leave the rechargeable touch lamp plugged in.

    The USB charger that we supply at The Independence Shop has overcharging protection which protects battery longevity and prevents overheating.

    Can I leave rechargeable touch lamps plugged in?

    The short answer is 'yes, generally.' The lifespan of the rechargeable batteries may be affected depending on how well charging and overheating is controlled, and thus the efficiency of the LED touch lamp over time.

    It is important to consider two main factors if wanting to leave a rechargeable touch lamp plugged in:

    Rechargeable touch lamps typically don't come with protection against overcharging. Rather, it is the charger (adapter) itself that plugs into the power socket that has this protection. Thus, it is important to have a quality adapter if you want to leave a rechargeable touch lamp plugged in. Most power adapters these days have overcharging protection. This also prevents overheating.

    The type of rechargeable battery used in the touch lamp can affect how it should be managed. Lithium-ion and lithium-polymer batteries, commonly used in rechargeable devices, are generally safe to leave plugged as they have built-in protection mechanisms to prevent overheating and safety issues.

    Manufacturers often provide specific recommendations to ensure the longevity and safety of their products, including rechargeable touch lamps.

    Do I need to change LED light bulbs on rechargeable touch lamps?

    Generally not. Whilst some touch lamps are designed such that a bulb can be removed, most rechargeable touch lamps are not designed in this way.

    LED bulbs have a very long lifespan compared to traditional incandescent or fluorescent lights, often rated for 25,000 to 50,000 hours or even more, depending on the specific rechargeable touch lamp.

    While LEDs have a longer lifespan, they don't last forever. Over time, the brightness of an LED light may gradually decrease, and the colour temperature might shift. However, this degradation is usually very slow. In many cases, you may not notice a significant change in brightness or colour for several years. LED lights don't completely fail like incandescent bulbs, but rather they lose efficiency.

    Factors that can affect the lifespan of LED lights include:
    - Quality of the LED: higher quality LEDs can have a longer lifespan
    - Operating conditions: exposure to extreme temperatures or frequent on/off cycles can impact LED longevity
    - Ventilation: removal of heat can help to maintain LED performance
    - Dimming: dimmable LED lights used a low brightness can increase the lifespan
    - Quality of the components: the overall quality of the power supply components and impact voltage stability and current regulation. Poor quality components in rechargeable LED touch lamps can affect lifespan.