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Reminder signs

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    Bright and colourful visual reminder signs helping us remember all those things we tend to forget. Do you keep forgetting your glasses? How about your hearing aids? Do you keep leaving the water on? What about your keys when you leave through the front door? Ever worried that you'll forget to lock up? Pop these reminder signs where you'll be sure to notice them. There are eight reminder signs to choose from!

    Have you got your...

    • Glasses?
    • Hearing aids?
    • Keys?
    • Phone?
    • Blank (fill in your reminder with a permanent marker)

    Have you remembered to...

    • Lock up?
    • Turn the water off?
    • Turn the stove off?

    These reminder signs are exclusive to The Independence Shop

    TIP: Check out some suggestions as to where to hang the reminder signs below

    Each of the reminder signs comes with a suction cap and transparent rubber hanging loop. Please note that the suction cap is suitable for smooth, shiny surfaces such as glass and tiles. You may need to consider a hook to hang the sign from or blu-tac depending on your ideal reminder position.

    These are great little friendly reminders for older adults, and really anyone who is a just a little forgetful. Suitable as reminder signs to support early dementia patients.


    Size: 10cm x 10cm
    Suction cap: Diameter 2.5cm; Height: 1cm
    Loop length: 16.5cm
    Total weight: 14g


    Reminder sign
    Hanging loop
    Suction cap


    12 months


    30-day returns
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    glasses reminder sign
    picture showing all different reminder signs
    keys reminder sign
    reminder signs hanging stuck on wall with suction caps and hanging from branches
    Turn off the water sign stuck on sliding door
    Turn off water sign hanging from outdoor tap with hose
    hearing aids reminder sign
    Phone and keys reminder signs stuck on front door
    Turn off stove sign with stove on
    Have you locked up? reminder sign
    water off reminder sign
    stove reminder sign
    phone or mobile reminder sign
    Have you locked up? reminder sign
    blank reminder sign to fill in with finger with bow

    Reminder signs are useful tools around the home!

    Have you turned the water off?
    For the numerous times we leave the sprinkler running. Pop this reminder sign where you know you'll see it at the right time.

    Have you turned the stove off?
    There's always a risk when we're walking away from the stove that we'll forget that we've got sometime on the boil, slow cooking, or perhaps we just want to check that we've turned it off. Hang this red reminder sign where it will catch your attention.

    Have you locked up?
    This reminder sign gives us a little more security in the home, particularly when locking up is your responsibility or you live independently. Place this reminder sign on your bed or on the car seat to remind you to double-check the locks.

    Blank reminder
    If you need your memory jogged for something specific, then the blank reminder sign is a great option! Use a permanent marker to write whatever it is you need to remember on this reminder sign.

    A fantastic tool for people who live independently

    Keep walking out without your glasses or sunglasses? Pop this reminder where you know you'll bump into it! This is also a great place to leave your glasses - under the glasses reminder sign.

    Hearing aids
    Ah! This is a constant around our home. Forgetting to put the hearing aids in before leaving the home causes constant back and forths while trying to get out the door. We find that placing this reminder sign on the bathroom mirror, seat of the car, or on the handle of a handbag to be removed before leaving is a great prompt that saves much frustration.

    If you leave by the front door, do you risk forgetting your keys? Pop this reminder sign on the door handle to make sure you don't leave home without them. Yes, the sign will get in the way - that's the point!

    Keep leaving without your mobile phone? Just like the hearing aids, leaving the phone at home can cause unnecessary back and forths while trying to get from point A to B. Pop this reminder sign on your keys and leave it in the key basket when you leave; or perhaps pop the reminder sign on the car seat where you'll be sure to encounter it.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews

    Very colourful

    Thank you for your feedback Bert! We're glad to hear that our reminder signs are useful and colorful. We appreciate your support and hope they continue to serve you well. Have a great day!


    Bought the Have you locked up sign. You cannot miss it. It is shiny and the colours really stand out.

    Hi Joe! Thank you so much for your review on our Reminder signs. We're thrilled to hear that you purchased our 'Have you locked up' sign and found it to be eye-catching and effective. Thanks again for your support :)

    High contrast

    My mum just kept forgetting her hearing aids before going out. Stuck this one on the garage door and it's working.

    Hi Tessa! We're so glad to hear that our Reminder signs are helping your mum remember her hearing aids before going out. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. :)

    Lisa B
    Peace of mind

    Brought this for my elderly father to remind him when he is cooking alone or using the slow cooker. He finds it useful. Delivery was fast.

    Thank you for leaving a review for our 'Reminder signs' Lisa. We are glad to hear that your father finds it useful. Thank you for choosing our product and happy cooking :)