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Adjustable foot rest

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    Sturdy, adjustable foot rest that improves comfort and posture while seated. Choose which level to set the adjustable foot rest to and take the pressure off your back and upper legs by elevating your feet. A perfect solution to slouching and preventing back pain!

    The textures and rollers of the adjustable foot rest encourage movement of the legs and blood circulation as you massage your feet over the surface of the foot rest.

    The adjustable foot rest is available in black, or mint and grey.

    • Tilt adjustment from 0 to 25 degrees at 6 adjustment points
    • Three massage rollers and stone massage textures
    • Durable foot rest with high weight-bearing capacity
    • Padded base prevents slipping on smooth surfaces

    The adjustable foot rest is a popular choice to help prevent and relieve lower back pain and encourage blood circulation while seated for long durations.


    Size W:42cm – D:32cm – H:20cm
    Weight 1.28kg

    Size 39cm x 34cm x 8cm
    Weight 1.48kg


    Foot rest (easy assembly required)


    12 months


    30-day returns
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    adjustable foot stool black fully raised
    adjustable foot rests in black and green in front of a couch
    detailed view of the adjustable foot rest
    person massaging their feet with the massage dots on the black adjustable foot rest
    specifications of the adjustable foot rest
    adjustable foot stool green grey fully adjusted
    adjustable foot rests black at different adjusted heights and green foot rest showing the non-slip pads underneath

    How does the adjustable foot rest help blood circulation?

    The adjustable foot rest has several different massage textures - one that feels like smooth rocks, the other like little bumps, and a more spiky feel of the massage rollers. As you work over long durations, these massage textures serve as a subtle reminder to move your feet over the different textures. This promotes blood flow in the feet and movement of the muscles in the legs. It is this movement of the muscles that pushes blood back towards the heart and encourages circulation.

    How does the adjustable foot rest prevent or relieve back pain?

    Ideally, correct sitting posture means keeping your feet flat on the floor and legs bent at a 90 degree angle. However, depending on our height, and the height of the desk and chair, this may not be possible. Incorrect posture can lead to slouching and eventually back discomfort and pain. The use of an adjustable foot rest sets us up for a better seated posture. With the feet flat on the foot rest, we are more likely to sit straight with the ears, shoulder, and hips vertically ‘stacked’.

    Foot rests have benefits beyond slouch correction

    Using a foot rest to help correct posture can also:

    • Relieve discomfort and distraction 
    • Increase productivity
    • Support a confident body language
    • Increase blood flow to and from the lower limbs

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