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Toilet bowl night light

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    So many colours to light up your toilet bowl! The toilet bowl night light turns on when it detects movement in low light and at night. It lights up the toilet bowl on approach to help prevent falls enroute to the toilet and when attempting to sit on the toilet. We'd like to think the toilet bowl night light assists with aiming into the toilet bowl as well!

    • Choose from 8 different colours or leave it on auto sequence
    • Automatic shut-off (when no motion is detected)
    • Durable LED light
    • Bends and holds over the toilet bowl
    • Compact size
    • Requires 3xAAA batteries (batteries not included)

    The toilet bowl night light plays a more serious role in fall prevention. Many falls occur in older adults when attempting to sit down onto the toilet or when standing up from the toilet, particularly at night. The toilet bowl night light helps us to see exactly where the toilet is, whether the seat or lid is up or down. For kids, the night light makes potty training more engaging and reduces fear of walking to the toilet at night.


    Size 7.6cm x 6.4cm x 2.8cm
    Weight 40g (excl. batteries)

    Size 8.5cm x 7cm x 5cm
    Weight 55g (excl. batteries)


    Toilet Bowl Light
    User manual

    3xAAA Batteries

    12 months


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    toilet bowl night light with green light
    Toilet bowl night light in use at night with purple light
    overview of the toilet bowl night light
    colour range of the toilet bowl night light
    picture shows the small and stylish design of toilet bowl light
    setup guide of toilet bowl light
    specifications of toilet bowl light

    Toilet bowl night lights serve many purposes

    Having a light inside a toilet bowl can support us in many ways:

    • Visibility at night
    • Night time navigation
    • Fall prevention
    • To avoid disturbing others
    • To prevent readjusting to the dark
    • Aesthetics and ambience
    • Energy efficiency

    A toilet bowl light is a simple device that supports us to safely transit to and from the bathroom.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Joy D.

    Great addition to my bathroom and my grandkids love it, too!

    Thank you for the positive feedback Joy! We're so glad to hear that our toilet bowl night light has been a great addition to your bathroom and that your grandkids love it as well. Thank you for choosing our product.

    Fun to watch

    Bought it more out of curiosity. Didn't think I would use it. I'm surprised. It doesn't get as dirty as I thought it would. Only the little light arm hangs over the bowl and that's easy to wipe. Think everyone should have a toilet light. @The Independence Shop: Great addition to my bathroom but think you should add some pictures that show the toilet light hanging on the rim without toilet seat. And thank you for the fast delivery.

    Hi Christine, thank you for your review! We're glad to hear that you found our toilet bowl night light to be a fun addition to your bathroom. We appreciate your suggestion for adding pictures and because of that, we've just updated all pictures. Thank you for choosing our product and for your kind words about our fast delivery. Have a great day! - The Independence Shop Team

    Excellent quality and fast delivery!

    Ordered this product just prior to Christmas for relatives visiting. Shipping was very fast, the product is excellent quality and easy to install. Great addition for the children and adults in the home. Would highly recommend!

    Hi Kelsey, Thank you for leaving such a positive review! We are thrilled to hear that you had a great experience with shipping and our toilet light and found it easy to install. Thank you for recommending us!

    Toilet bowl night light FAQs

    How does the toilet bowl light work?

    Toilet bowl lights, also known as toilet night lights or simply a light inside toilet bowl; typically work using a motion sensor that operates in low or no light, and a LED light source. Here's a general explanation of how they work:

    Most toilet bowl lights are equipped with motion sensors. These sensors detect movement in their vicinity, and when activated, they trigger the light to turn on. The motion sensor is designed to sense the movement of a person approaching the toilet in low or no light.

    The light source in toilet bowl lights is commonly an LED. LEDs are popular for their energy efficiency, longevity, and ability to produce various colours. LEDs can emit a soft, ambient glow rather than a bright, harsh light.

    Toilet bowl lights are designed to attach securely to the rim of the toilet bowl. Many models come with adjustable arms that bend into place, or clips to ensure a proper fit on different toilet shapes and sizes.

    Toilet bowl lights are typically battery-operated. This is practical because it eliminates the need for additional wiring, making installation easier. The batteries provide the power necessary for the LED lights and the motion sensor to function.

    Some toilet bowl lights offer various colour options and settings. This means we can often choose from a range of colours or enable colour-changing modes. This feature adds a decorative and customisable element to the toilet bowl light.

    To conserve battery life and energy, many toilet bowl lights have an automatic shut-off feature. After a certain period of inactivity (no motion detected), the light turns off. This ensures that the light is only active when needed, such as during nighttime bathroom visits.

    Toilet bowl lights are designed with motion sensors and LED technology to provide a light inside a toilet bowl that is soft and ambient when someone approaches the toilet. They are easy to install, operate on batteries, and often come with a range of colour options and modes.

    Why are toilet bowl night lights recommended for children?

    Toilet bowl night lights are recommended for children for several important reasons:

    Children can struggle with nighttime bathroom trips due to fear of the dark or difficulty navigating their surroundings. The gentle glow of a toilet bowl night light provides a familiar illumination for them to see and navigate the bathroom safely, and independently.

    Toilet bowl lights help children move around the bathroom during the night without the need for turning on brighter lights, which can disrupt their sleep... and everyone else's!

    Walking around at night increases the risk of accidental slips and collisions. A toilet bowl night light can also help children onto the toilet or aim into the toilet. If the seat has been left up, then they can pop it back down... rather than falling in!

    A toilet bowl night light can be a fun and appealing way to encourage potty training.

    Toilet bowl night lights are recommended for children enhance safety, prevent collisions and falls, prevent disturbance to sleep, and engage toilet training.