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Portable Vibrating Doorbell

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The portable vibrating doorbell is ideal for hard of hearing, those who spend time outside in the garden, or are otherwise away from the hearing range of a doorbell. The doorbell receiver vibrates, rings loudly and FLASHES to grab attention. Clip the vibrating doorbell receiver into a pocket, on a belt, or place within viewing range for reliable notification when someone is at the door. Choose from a variety of melodies to suit individual hearing frequencies.

*NEW ALERT OPTIONS* call button to alert a caregiver from anywhere in the home. Add an entry alert to ring when a door is opened. Read more about these fantastic add-on safety alert products below.

Portable vibrating doorbell features:

  • Stable and long-range signal which can be received from any location in the home
  • Portable vibrating, ringing, flashing receiver - each alert mode can be set independently or in combination
  • Receiver clip for easy attaching and a "zap to the lap"
  • Receiver on/off function
  • 20 ringtones to choose from, add individual ring tones for add-on safety alert options
  • 5 volume levels from 0dB to a very loud 100dB
  • Ability to link multiple doorbells to one button and vice versa
  • Batteries included
  • Receiver low battery alert
  • Doorbell push button can be adhered or screwed in (materials included)
  • Doorbell push button is Waterproof IP44 (i.e. protected from rain)
  • Wireless range up to 80 metres

Portable vibrating doorbell modes:
A: Ringtone + vibration
B: Ringtone + colourful flash
C: Ringtone + vibration + colourful flash
D: Ringtone

The portable vibrating doorbell and transmitter are paired before shipping, just press and play!



Doorbell transmitter
Size 8.5cm x 3.5cm x 1.5cm
Weight 32g (incl. battery)

Vibrating, ringing and flashing receiver
Size 8.3cm x6cm x 2cm
Weight 96g (incl. batteries)

Size 9.6cm x 8.6cm x 7.5cm
Total weight 200g

Size 6cm x 6cm x 2.1cm
Lanyard length 40cm
Weight 43g (incl. battery)

Size 6.2cm x 6.2cm x 2.5cm
Total weight 50g

Size 7cm x 4.5cm x 1.7cm
Weight 33g (incl. battery)

Size 7.7cm x 5cm x 2.1cm
Total weight 40g


Doorbell transmitter (including 1 preinstalled 23A/12V battery)
Double-sided sticker to adhere the transmitter instead of screwing
2 screws and 2 dowels
Screwdriver to open transmitter
Vibrating, ringing and flashing receiver (including 3 AAA batteries)
Receiver belt clip
User manual

Call button (including 1 preinstalled 23A/12V battery)
Double-sided sticker to adhere the button instead of using the lanyard

Door entry alert with double-sided sticker (including 1 preinstalled 23A/12V battery)
Additional double-sided sticker


Doorbell transmitter: waterproof IP44 (Note: Mounting the transmitter using the screws will impact the waterproof rating. Therefore we do not recommend this method for outdoor use if exposed to the weather.)
Vibrating, ringing and flashing receiver: not waterproof
Caregiver call button: waterproof IP44
Door entry alert: not waterproof

Doorbell transmitter: up to 80m
Caregiver call button: up to 80m
Door entry alert: up to 50m


12 months


30-day returns
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door bell push button and portable vibrating receiver
portable vibrating doorbell inclusive push button. Optional add-ons: Caregiver call button and door entry alert
Portable Vibrating Doorbell
detailed view of the portable vibrating doorbell
detailed view of the caregiver call button
detailed view of the door entry alert
4 different alert modes of the portable vibrating doorbell
specifications of the portable vibrating doorbell
specifications of the caregiver call button
specifications of the door entry alert
how to operate the vibrating and flashing doorbell receiver
caregiver call button double sided sticker and lanyard options
Mounting options of the doorbells push button
door entry alert
caregiver call button
door bell push button and portable vibrating receiver without lights and without belt clip
hand holding portable vibrating door bell ringer

Caregiver call button

Add a call button to the portable vibrating doorbell to notify a caregiver that support is needed. This is a fantastic option for shower and bathroom safety alerts, for bedside support, to take out into the garden or while working outside and alert if there is a problem.

Caregiver call button features:

  • Waterproof IP44
  • Wireless call button
  • Optional adhesive backing
  • Attachable lanyard
  • Large, bright call button
  • Call button lights up to confirm press
  • Select a unique ringtone for the call button transmitter
  • Add multiple caregiver call buttons to the one doorbell receiver
  • Battery included

Door entry alert

The door entry alert is a practical option that rings when a door is opened. This is particularly useful as a safety alert or to alert a caregiver when a loved one has left a room or home.

Door entry alert features:

  • Easy installation with adhesive backing
  • Wireless door entry alert
  • Select a unique ringtone for the door entry alert transmitter
  • Rings once for the duration of the selected ringtone upon door opening
  • Add multiple door entry alert transmitters to the one doorbell receiver
  • Supports a door gap of up to 1cm
  • Battery included

Practical uses for the portable vibrating doorbell with optional call button and door entry alert

Our customers love the portable vibrating doorbell for so many reasons!

  • Take the portable vibrating doorbell outside while gardening to ensure a visitor or delivery is not missed
  • Place call buttons in the bathroom and toilet to alert in case of fall or need for support
  • Post surgery recovery caregiver support alert
  • Door entry alert to notify caregivers if a loved one with dementia has left the home
  • Wearing a call button around the home when doing activities that are of higher risk

And our favourite use:

  • Sharing a call button with an older neighbour to alert should they need support

Vibrating doorbell – flashing doorbell – extra loud doorbell – portable doorbell

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Lynn Bailey
My Mother Can Hear This Doorbell

Finally my mother can hear the doorbell. I think it's more the flashing and vibrating that gets her attention. We have bought two and have them paired. One for the bedroom and one for the living room. Works well.

Hi Lynn, thank you so much for your great review and for sharing your experience. We are so happy to hear that it has been helpful for your mother, and that you don't have to wait too long (in the rain) anymore. :) Thank you for your support and for choosing our product.

Kelly D.
Great doorbell!

Love the flashing feature, probably more so than the vibrating. Grabs my attention. I keep it around me when I know I've got a delivery or guests coming over.

Hi Kelly, thank you for your positive review of our Portable Vibrating Doorbell! We're glad to hear that you are enjoying the flashing feature and find it helpful in grabbing your attention. We hope it continues to make your life easier when you have deliveries or guests coming over. Thank you for choosing our product!