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Two-handled mug discrete internal cone

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    Ornamin's Two-Handled Mug with a discrete internal cone is intelligently designed for drinking without tipping the head back and with less movement of the arms and shoulders. The large handles allow for a comfortable and secure grip or to otherwise slide the hands through. The double-walled thermal design keeps tea and coffee warm for longer, but the mug remains cool to touch.

    • Conically shaped inside for drinking without tipping the head back
    • Double-walled thermal design
    • 160ml volume (small volume)
    • Large ergonomic handles
    • Wide base supports stability
    • White internal cone for easy identification of drink type and level
    • Supports Ornamin drinking lids to control the flow of liquid
    • BPA free, dishwasher safe, food-safe, microwaveable
    • 100% Made in Germany
    • Sustainable reusable tableware
    • Lifetime warranty against defects

    With a lovely selection of colours and discrete design, the two-handled mug is a popular choice for mature adults and for nursing home use*. The perfect solution to maintain controlled, comfortable and independent drinking!

    Note that the volume of the two-handled mug with internal cone is 160ml. This is on the small size for a cup of coffee due to the cone design.

    Ornamin is a German company who design and manufacture award-winning crockery, cutlery and drinkware that supports older adults, people with disabilities and many conditions to eat and drink independently.

    They have carefully considered people with swallowing disorders (dysphagia), arthritis, impaired vision, motor impairment in the arms/hands/fingers, numbness, impaired fine motor skills, Parkinson's and shaky hands (tremor) in their designs.

    A selection of Ornamin drinking lids are available here at The Independence Shop to complement the two-handled mug for a discrete adult sippy cup.

    * if you would like to purchase larger orders, that's not a problem, please contact us.


      CAPACITY: 160ml
      DIAMETER: 7cm
      HEIGHT: 11cm
      WEIGHT: 155g




      CARE & USE
      BPA free, dishwasher safe, food-suitable, microwaveable

      Ornamin offers a lifetime warranty against defects when products are used in accordance with their care instructions.

      EU1935/2004, EU10/2011, EU1282/2011


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      two handled plastic mug beaker with optional lid grey
      two handled mug
      cross-section of two handled plastic mug beaker with internal cone
      persona drinking from two handled plastic mug beaker
      Two-handled mug discrete internal cone Two-handled mug discrete internal cone
      two handled mugs with various fitted lids on a marble board
      two handled plastic mug beaker with optional lid blackberry
      two handled plastic mug beaker with optional lid red
      two handled plastic mug beaker with optional lid linen

      Why the two-handled mug with discrete internal cone is so popular

      Independent drinking

      The two-handled mug with discrete internal cone has been thoughtfully designed to increase control while drinking. The handles are comfortable to hold in several positions or slide the fingers or hands through. The two handles provide many possible ways to drink according to individual needs.

      The internal cone helps to drink without the need to tip the head or raise the arm.

      Discrete lids

      The optional discrete lid attachments offer greater control and prevention of spills while moving the mug and while drinking. You'll find the lids have different shapes to suit all individual needs.

      Adding the funnel attachment turns the two-handled mug into a handy sippy cup for adults!

      Beautiful colours

      The bright and beautiful colours of the two-handled mugs are very appealing. The internal area is white to help with easy drink identification and determining how much drink is in the mug.

      A high-quality product

      The two-handled mugs by Ornamin are made using quality materials and processes in Germany and carry a 5-year warranty for peace of mind.

      Easy care

      Don't stress about bumps, knocks or drops, the two-handled mug is made from high-quality BPA-free plastic. The two-handled mugs are even microwave and dishwasher safe!

      Two-handled mug for hot and cold

      The Ornamin mug is a thermal mug and perfect for hot drinks like teas and coffee, as well as cold drinks. The outside of the two-handled coffee cup says cool to the touch while insulating the drink inside to prevent heat loss.

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 2 reviews
      Two handled mug

      Very happy,fast delivery, nice colour and very light mug

      Thank you so much for your positive review Chez! We are glad to hear that you are happy with your two-handled mug and that it arrived quickly. Enjoy your new mug!

      Jane Folliott
      Great shape

      Ideal shape and weight for someone who has hand problems and can't hold regular mugs. But the volume is very small- not a full mug size.

      Hi Jane, thank you so much for your feedback on our Two-handled mug with a discrete internal cone. We are glad to hear that you find the shape and weight of the mug to be ideal for those with hand problems. We apologise for the lower 160ml volume, unfortunately that’s the space that’s taken up by the discrete internal cone. We’ve already spoken to the manufacturer Ornamin about the possibility of a bigger 2 two handled mug with internal cone or a two handled mug without the internal cone which would provide an additional 120ml. Sadly, it’s not on their current priorities. But we’ll see. Hopefully they get more enquiries. :) Currently, our bigger option is our Easy hold mug. This one fits 280ml, is the same weight & has the same handle shape. However, it only has one handle and no internal cone. Thank you again for your order and for choosing us.

      Two-handled mug FAQs

      Can a mug have two handles?

      Yes! Two-handled cups, although a little difficult to find, are available. Two-handled cups allow us to use both hands to support the cup for less stress on painful joints and fingers.

      Two-handled mugs are a fantastic drinking aid that can support individuals with arthritis, motor impairment in the arms, hand, fingers, numbness, impaired fine motor skills, Parkinson's and shaky hands (tremor) in their designs.

      Things to consider when purchasing a two-handled mug

      Two-handled mugs can be hard to find and are generally more expensive than the average mug. So, it's important to make the right choice. Here are come considerations to help you choose the right two-handled mug for your needs:

      Depending on individual needs, a lighter mug can be easier to handle and place less stress on the fingers, hands and arms. A heavier mug may help with control for people with tremors and shakiness.

      It is important that the two handles are comfortable to hold. Generally, thick handles with plenty of space to grasp the handles best supports holding and using the mug. Often, people with arthritic hands will prefer to slide hands or fingers through the handles rather than grasping the handles as this can be uncomfortable. A two-handled mug that allows for holding in this manner can be a relief when drinking. If this is the case, consider also if the mug will be too hot to hold and if an insulated mug is a better option.

      Being able to put the two-handled mug into the dishwasher or microwave offers convenience. As two-handled mugs are often pricier than a typical mug, you want to make sure the quality is sound.

      Some two-handled mugs have discrete drinking lids that may be just what you need! Optional lids can be attached to prevent spills when moved or when drinking.

      Let's be honest, some two-handled mugs aren't very aesthetically appealing, they almost look like they belong in a hospital. Keep an eye out! There are some nice two-handled mugs out there - like the Ornamin two-handled mug with discrete internal cone that we stock here at The Independence Shop ;)

      What are two-handled mugs called?

      A two-handled mug is also known as a:
      Two-handled coffee cup
      Two-handled beaker
      Double-handled mug
      Sippy cup for adults
      Two-handled cup