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The Great Book of WORDSEARCH

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    A wonderful collection of wordsearches packed with more than 500 find-a-word puzzles, making it the ultimate treat for all fans of the popular word-finding challenge.

    • Improve your vocabulary: Each puzzle is based on a fascinating theme, and you’re sure to learn new words as you as you go along.
    • Exercise your brain: Give your mind a great workout as you look for the hidden words, which may run forward or backward, up or down, or even diagonally.
    • Reduce your stress: Feel your stress melt away as you focus on these satisfying puzzles

    Size 19.8cm x 13cm x 3.8cm
    Weight 430g


    ISBN 9781838572983
    Format Paperback
    Number of pages 640
    Published 18/10/2020
    Publisher Arcturus Publishing


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    The Great Book of Wordsearch
    The Great Book of Wordsearch alongside thick pens and a neck reading light
    The Great Book of Sudoku and The Great Book of Wordsearch on wooden table
    The Great Book of Wordsearch open page
    The Great Book of Wordsearch back cover

    Exercise the brain with word-search puzzles

    • Word search puzzles provide mental stimulation and exercise for the brain.
    • They can improve vocabulary, memory, and cognitive skills.

    Word-search puzzles can help us de-stress

    • Many people find solving word searches to be a calming and meditative activity.
    • It's a great way to unwind and de-stress.

    Learn new vocabulary with word-search books

    • Word searches reinforce spelling and vocabulary.
    • Word searches are popular for all ages.

    Take The Great Book of WORDSEARCH with you

    • Word search puzzles can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime.
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    How do I solve word-search puzzles?

    1. Review the word list
    Begin by reviewing the list of words you need to find. Scan the grid to see if you can locate any of the words immediately.
    2. Search methodically
    Start searching for words methodically, one by one.
    Look for the first letter of each word and trace its path through the grid.
    Words can appear in various directions: horizontally (left to right or right to left), vertically (up or down), or diagonally.
    Don't forget to check backward and forward diagonals as well.
    3. Mark the words
    Once you find a word, circle or highlight the letters that form the word. Some puzzles may have specific instructions on how to mark the found words.
    4. Check off the word list
    As you find each word, cross it off the list. This helps keep track of the words you've found and those still remaining.
    5. Continue the search
    Continue searching the grid until you've found all the words on the list.
    6. Enjoy the challenge!
    Word search puzzles are a relaxing yet stimulating activity. Enjoy the challenge of locating words and the satisfaction of completing the puzzle.

    Keep in mind that words can cross each other, sharing common letters.
    Sometimes finding one word will help reveal others that intersect with it.
    Take breaks if needed, as it can be helpful to return with fresh eyes.